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High Tech Equipment Delivered to You


A Smart Phone with the applications- preloaded with your diary and your data collection system.

A Smart Watch that is synchronized with the application of the phone. So you can track your blood sugar level all the time on your smart watch.

Bluetooth automatic repeater to read the sensor.

Complete blood sugar testing equipment.​

Your Results, Constant monitoring, and Data Analysis

Customized Weekly Spread Sheets – logs and charts that you take to your doctor.

Constant monitoring and analysis of every food you eat 24/7.

Emails on a continuing basis with food suggestions and feedback.

PLUS 4 weekly Update Reports with every entry that’s recorded on your smart phone

​We offer you live person-to-person online assistance.
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What would you pay to to save your LIFE?

Is it expensive? How much would you pay to be constantly monitored  by a doctor 24/7 around the clock and have him analyse the data of every single food you eat, for an entire year? Probably would cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Well now you get a chance to join this program which will give you this for only $1,990! 

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Here's How It Works

For the first time, every food you eat is analysed and monitored so our experts know what you can eat and which foods you can’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Every single food you eat is being tested around the clock 24/7.

The key is how your body processes SUGAR

The problem is not sugar, it's how your body processes sugar. Does sugar cause diabetes? The shocking answer is NO. The key is how your body processes sugar and everybody’s different. This new solution is not a one size fits all solution because every body is different. This revolutionary new system makes it easy and foolproof. All the work is done for you. Our team of experts analyses how each food is being processed in your body.

See and Feel the amazing results in as little as a a week. Dieting has never felt this easy and fun! And you will completely reverse your diabetes!

In as little as a week, you’ll have more energy than you’ve had in 20 years. And you’ll be shocked that you can still eat the foods you crave – like beans, vanilla ice cream, chocolate, steak  – All the delicious foods that your doctor says are big NO NO's.


We'll be right there with you 24/7, analysing how every food that enters your body is being absorbed. You will receive full spreadsheet reports with analysis and food suggestions that you can share with your doctor.

The foods that might be good for you might be dangerous for someone else and vice versa. 
And after about about 3 months, your body will almost magically regulate itself and you’ll get back to healthy blood sugar levels and a healthier new you. 

Live person-to-person online assistance

We'll call you whenever you need help and have any questions. We send you emails aside from the spreadsheet reports with feedback on your progress .

If you don't get your blood sugar under control  in 3 months, you'll get a FULL REFUND. It's a scientifically-proven system that has been tested and has a 100% SUCCESS RATE. It's been tested and proven on people who were at serious risk of dying and needed help fast. 

Every single person who followed our system as prescribed got their blood sugar under control, reversed their diabetes, and even stopped injecting themselves with insulin according to their doctors' orders.

Do nothing and here is what is going to happen

First you'll notice the ugly bruising on your body, then your eyesight will start to go, then the doctors will amputate a toe or a leg and you'll end up in a wheelchair, finally when things go completely down hill your internal organs will suffer irreversable damage...

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$1,990 billed yearly

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