Nick Guarino
Founder and CEO of Nick's Wellness Report 

Expert Market & Data Analyst,
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Nick Guarino has gained his stellar reputation from  changing lives. You may already know him from his celebrated “Radio Free Wall Street” and “WallStreet Underground” programs where his knowledge and insights quite literally turned people into millionaires.

Now, he’s on a new mission to help save lives by curing Type 2 Diabetes.​
NICK: I had my own life threatened by the onslaught of this insidious disease which, through careful research and testing, led to a groundbreaking discovery that literally normalized my out-of-control blood sugar and brought me back to perfect health.

Sounds incredible, I know. But it’s true. You see, I found out that rising and falling blood sugar levels follow a distinct pattern, just like mathematical algorithms used in trading.
So I decided to test each and every food I ate to see how it affected my blood sugar.

And I was shocked when I realized that all the doctors and scientists got it wrong.
The problem was NOT sugar, but rather how the body absorbs sugar.

Based on this startling fact, I conduced a pilot test.

Once again, I was stunned by the results: how fast blood sugar levels can be normalized (even after being diabetic for years) just by avoiding certain foods.

Even better, the same people who got their blood sugar under control also lost a significant amount of weight while lowering their cholesterol and blood pressure too.

The results were so good that their doctors lowered their medication doses and, in many cases, took them off it altogether!

I founded this start up after my own brush with death by diabetes (read my full story here). Because what good is being rich if you don’t have your health?

I’ve put together an experienced team of researchers, data scientists, software engineers, nutritionists, dieticians, and product builders that’s ready to monitor you and your progress 24/7.

Together, we’ll beat your diabetes and you can live the long and happy life you deserve.
That’s my promise to you.


Nick Guarino

​Founder and CEO

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